Wednesday, January 6, 2010

::My days::

finally home now~
such a warm place to me!
I'm totally free
enjoying my 7 off days

no roadshow for this whole week

1st day
slept until 2 pm

spent my whole day v keeping my stuff

tidy up my room and wash my mini car

fetch Bobbie for grooming

have dinner v my lovely family

keep chat v my mummy

my 2nd off days
hang out with my lovely and funny clerics
& dear
due to both of us were too stressed on our job
so we went up Penang Hill to get some fresh air
this is the 1st time i went even i had stay at Penang for
4 yrs edi

all of us felt so relax surrounding by the quite and peace environment
one word FEEL GOOD!
I really love it
especially the David Brown's Restaurant

i love the house design
i love the ambiance
i love the fresh air
i love the Virgin Margarita
i love everything there
alright lets have a look that pictures i had took nice?
mow mow & meus~.
[in processing more pic coming up]

3rd day

whc is papa's birthday


Happy Birthday to you dad

wish you all the best

earn more n more n more money in the coming days

we always love you

we had celebrate at home

papa's favorite
an ice cream cake and Polo perfume as ur birthday presents

hope you like it~

once again Happy Birthday to you Papa
~ today is my 4th off day
firstly i need to make an apologize to Georgia and Jowin
I 'm so sorry
I put ur all aeroplane again
our date had blow again

mMovie marathon
i 'm just stay at home for the whole day
I had finish watched 3 movies today
I'm enjoy watching those movie
Movie Reviews:
::Hua Mulan::
Its a nice movie..
but throughout the show
I felt rather depressed.
Like something's missing in my heart..
And the show dug it out from nowhere

so touched~

[especially there is a scene of the male lead cutting his wrist to hydrate the female lead with his blood]
Rating :: ****

::Avatar 2009::
one world to describe this movie
A beautiful movie with a great plot complimented by superb acting and visuals

(3)::Laughing 变节::
i like this movie and the cast and most importantly Laughing kor
the evolution and the turning of his background story
not bad...