Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Bunny Year peeps! :D

everyone across the world had come back and reunited
hope you guys enjoyed yourself as much as I do
had a perfect time with love family and friends off course 

    the must activity 'GAMBLE '
    buffet party on chu 1 at my house
    they were so busy with the cendol ice blender
          my 2nd mom (aunt Foong)
           beloved family
              bie boy 

hmm,the happy moment is pass very soon just like a rocket
So,the CNY is going to end soon
CNY mood = OFF
too bad everything is back to the routine
assignments,final exam, part time jobs .....
sob sob
I wan more CNY
[the next CNY will fall on 23th Jan 2012]
don't say I m crazy 
I am really love the CNY moment!!!
once again I wish everyone Happy Bunny Year and may you all  have a good year ahead! x

here comes my movie marathon during CNY
watched 4 movies in total

All well ends well
it's awesomely funny
guess what
i watched its twice
shaolin shi
This movie truly steal my heart
so touched
tears drop non stop
Mr & Mrs Incredible
stupid movie ever
speechless on it
What women want
what a boring movie
fall asleep when watching ;(
wasting my money